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The way you work is unique - so is Scendar

Scendar is an accounting and advisory practice, perhaps better described as Finance as a Service (FaaS). We focus on Founders, Funders and Startups. Clients that are ever-changing and adapting. We like fast movers.

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A brief history

We started life in 2010 as Interactive Accounting, one of Australia’s first cloud-based accounting firms. Our mission was to provide business owners with real time information, common sense and useful advice along with best practice compliance work and tax assistance.

Whilst that hasn’t changed, it has evolved to support the greater ecosystem, from start-up founders to funders- you know VCs, small funds, private special purpose vehicles and everything in between. Everyone has their own story, and their own finances. We love to provide solid financials, accurate and beautiful reporting along with that shoulder to lean on for all types of advice.

Fast-forward to now and we’ve grown into one of the leading accounting practices for early stage and high growth businesses, their funders and founders, in Australia and beyond. In that time, we’ve sweated it out alongside our founder friends through capital raises, board meetings, finance reports, and a bunch of mergers and acquisitions.

We understand the lingo, know how hard it is to nurture and grow a business, how stressful it is to raise a round of capital and how transformative the whole process can be.

We believe amazing work is the product of gifted people who move with purpose and share common values. Here are ours.

Be generous
Everyone wins
Outcomes over output
Be curious
Be real

Team Scendar

Gareth Bryant

Managing Director

Charlotte Bungard


Nigel Datta


Kristyn Sangga

Senior Accountant

James Condon

Senior Accountant

Nik Arief

Senior Accountant

David Koo

Senior Accountant

Daniel Caine

Intermediate Accountant

Erin Gough

Senior Accountant

Jonathan Vorillas

Intermediate Accountant

Kristelle Davis

Intermediate Accountant

Dominic Conciatore

Junior Accountant

Sunny Guo

Junior Accountant

Samir Yehye

Junior Accountant

Sumaiya Hossain

Practice Administrator

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